• Communications
  • PR and Media
  • Integrated Strategy
  • CSR and Support Strategy
  • Social Media


  • Corporate Media Connections
  • Press Conference - Press Breakfast
  • One-on-One Press Meeting
  • Media and Communications Training
  • Media Buying

PR and Marketing Communication

  • Corporate, Product and Services
  • Crisis, Internal Communications and Public Affairs
  • Fashion & Lifestyle Communications
  • CSR and Educational Campaigns
  • Competitor and Market Analysis


  • Digital PR
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Google AdWords Campaigns, SEM, SEO, Website, Microsite and other creative planning

Employer Branding

  • Employer Branding & HR Communications Strategies
  • Candidate & Employee Experience-Journey
  • Engagement programs & recruitment campaigns (online, offline)
  • EVP & UEP, Cultural Fit
  • Cultural change & change management
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Corporate carrier sites, job advertisments, job fair presence, HR videos, ambient media…

Internal Communications Counselling

  • Internal communications support of critical management decisions
  • Moderating of organisational changes, internal change management procedures
  • Shaping & optimizing internal communications channels
  • Understandable formulation of employer internal messages
  • Support internal cascading corporate values and messages
  • Internal & clear communication of HR activities
  • Internal support of crisis management
  • Internal communications support of events, intranet…

About us

Bridges unite and establish connections. SternCom builds bridges between its clients and effective communication solutions. Communication is an incredibly important bridge: it is the bonding force between customers and businesses. With its end-to-end solutions, SternCom ensures the reach of appropriate messages for the relevant target audiences through ‘the bridge’. Alongside conducting strategic communication planning, it coordinates media relations, manages event communication, creates advertising and marketing campaigns and monitors the production. Through effective internal communication and employer branding, it also supports its clientele in building their company culture to cultivate a positive environment in order to strengthen the employees’ behavior and appropriation, as well as attracting a higher volume of candidates. With the help of SternCom, the client’s corporate, product and employer brand equally becomes more appealing and the entire organization’s profit-making capacity grows.


Marcell Tátrai
Pál Radácsi
László Cseh
Head of communication